Relationships are at the core of our being. They enrich our daily lives, fuel new experiences, and are one of the most important ways we come to know ourselves. All of us feel the need to belong and connect with others; we strive to be accepted in ways that feel genuine, meaningful and satisfying. Unhealthy relationships can take their toll, but good relationships improve all aspects of life, strengthening health, mind, and connections with others. However, all relationships can fall off track and go through periods of conflict, or be impacted by trauma, which may lead us to feel frustrated, stuck, dissatisfied, and/or frightened.

At Reflective Psychology Associates, trained therapists understand the value of nurturing healthy relationships through all stages of life, from children and their parents to romantic partners and more. Working collaboratively, a strength-based approach is utilized to manage disruptive behaviors of childhood and adolescence; anxieties and phobias; depression; and trauma, to name only a few.